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Head to Head Fire Test

  • There are a lot of claims made by manufacturer's and they don't hold up to those claims. What's important is buying extra fire protection in case your home burns longer than you think.
  • You should always calculate not only how long it will take for the fire department to show up, BUT ALSO how long it will take them to PUT OUT THE FIRE.
  • To verify performance of all brands, Liberty tests not only their own safes, but the competitor's safes as well.
  • In the example to the left, we show you what happens when you buy a fire safe thinking it will protect no matter what. This is a simple 60-minute fire burn at 1200 degrees (at typical house fire). Both safes were put in the same oven and both safes used the same temperature reading probs inside. The oven was heated from room temperature to 1200 degrees within 10 minutes, just like it happens during a typical house fire.

Click on the VIDEO below and see why buying more fire protection is important to protecting your valuables!